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what to eat in rome and where to eat in rome

If you came in this blog from a search engine searching the string "what to eat in rome" or "where to eat in rome", well, this post is for you.

Typical roman cuisine includes the so called fifth quarter.

Typical primis are "bucatini all'amatriciana" (pasta dish with a tomatoes and bacon sauce), "spaghetti alla carbonara" (pasta dish with a whipped egg and bacon sauce), "spaghetti alla gricia" (olive oil and bacon), "tonnarelli cacio e pepe" (gratted cheese and pepper) and "rigatoni alla pajata" (pasta dish with tomatoes and intestines of a milk-fed veal sauce).

Except the latter, you can easily find all this dishes in restaurants in rome.
You can also find easily other italian dishes that not came from Rome, like lasagna, cannelloni, tortellini, tagliatelle al ragu, risotto, spaghetti alle vongole.

Typical secondi are "coda alla vaccinara" (oxtail butcher style), "saltimbocca alla romana" (veal with ham and sage), "coratella", "trippa alla romana" (tripes with tomato sauce).

Typical contorni (side dishes) are "puntarelle", "cicoria ripassata", "carciofi alla romana" or "carciofi alla giudia" (jewish style artichokes).

About where to eat in rome, you have just to read the other posts of this blog.

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